Escapees RV Parks, Inc. Campground Terms & Conditions

This property is privately owned. The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding he does hereby release the Campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his person arising out of his use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to persons of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.

Good Conduct Policy

All Escapees RV Park guests, residents, lease holders, and renters must abide by the Escapees Code of Conduct. Park guests must follow all park rules and directions given by park staff.  They must conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive or a nuisance to other park guests.  Barking or aggressive dogs will not be allowed or tolerated.  You must keep your site clean and orderly at all times, with the evaluation of such being at the sole discretion of the manager.  Conduct deemed by Escapees RV Parks to be inappropriate for the peace and good order of the park, guests, or associates, and which may adversely affect the safety of others is not permitted. Failure to follow any of these rules or restrictions will result in immediate eviction from the park with no refund. 

Right-to-Refuse-Service Policy

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the park based upon the condition and appearance of vehicles.

Well-Maintained RV Standard

For a full-hookup site, members and guests alike must have their RV with them at check- in. The following are guidelines for acceptable vehicles:

  • RVs are not required to have RVIA seals.
  • RVs are not required to be self-contained—meaning that they do not have to have on-board bathroom, shower, or cooking facilities.
  • RVs do not have to be manufactured after a specific date.
  • We will allow conversions that are equipped for overnight accommodations—meaning that is has a designated sleeping area.
  • RVs must be well-maintained upon arrival and throughout the duration of the visitors’ stay. If repairs become necessary during the visitors’ stay, those repairs must be completed within one week of the incident giving rise to the repair. Regarding a well-maintained appearance, an RV must not have plywood, tarps, cardboard, mold, tape, excessive loss of paint, an abundance of personal items attached to the exterior of the RV, exposed or unpainted areas, Bondo or temporary repairs, and/or painted-over signs from previous uses of the vehicle/s.
  • No repair work may be done at the campsite without prior approval from the manager.
  • We do not accept F.E.M.A. trailers.
  • We do not accept park model trailers or construction trailers.
  • We do not accept cargo trailers unless the cargo trailer is providing a function, beyond storage, that is so integral to the function of the RV that the RV cannot provide for daily living without the cargo trailer.
  • RVs must have and maintain a current registration from arrival through the duration of the stay.

RV Entry by Registered Owner Only

This policy establishes guidelines regarding the entry of RVs into Escapees RV Parks. The primary objective is to ensure that all RVs are driven onto the premises by their registered owners, promoting accountability and safety within the community.

  • No RVs are to be delivered. All RVs must be driven/towed by the registered guest and owner of the RV, or vehicle intended to tow the RV.
  • Only the registered owner of an RV is allowed to drive the vehicle onto the Park premises. This applies to both the initial arrival and subsequent reentries.
  • Park management may request identification from the registered owner to verify their status before allowing the RV onto the premises. Accepted forms of identification may include a driver’s license or other government-issued identification.
  • The registered guest is solely responsible for adhering to all Park rules, regulations, and policies.

This policy is in place to enhance the safety and security of the Park and ensure accountability for each RV within the community by ensuring the owner can relocate the RV at any given time.

No Subleasing

The Park maintains specific standards and expectations for its community. Subleasing is restricted to ensure that all occupants are aware of and abide by these standards.

  • Sites must be occupied by the assigned registered guest on all reservations.  Guests renting, leasing, or occupying sites within the park are strictly prohibited from subleasing or assigning their rented sites to any third party.
  • Each site has a designated occupancy limit, as specified in our park policies. Subleasing is not allowed to ensure compliance with these occupancy limits.
  • The registered guest is solely responsible for adhering to all Park rules, regulations, and policies.

Site Appearance Policy

It is your responsibility to maintain your campsite in an acceptable manner, which is in our sole discretion to determine. However, the following is a list, which is not meant to be exhaustive, of what constitutes a well-maintained site. If you have any questions, please consult with the park manager:

  • Trash and litter must be removed from the campsite and disposed of in the dumpsters provided throughout the park.
  • If you deposit food, pet droppings, or trash on your campsite, please clean it up.
  • You may not dispose of bones, food, or grey water on the ground. Trash and grey water must be disposed of in an appropriate area (dumpster or in a dump station.)
  • You must keep personal property within the confines of the campsite you rented.
  • Clothes washer and/or dryers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, microwaves, or any other household appliance will not be permitted on the campsite, outside of your RV.
  • You may temporarily (for short periods of time throughout the day) use the 20amp receptacle for an outside fan, crockpot, or similar small appliance. The other restrictions in this policy regarding appliances used outside of your RV apply.
  • Any appliance or furnishings that need to be assembled with tools are not permitted on the campsite, outside of your RV.
  • External storage sheds, outbuilding, racks, or shelves that are external to your RV are not permitted.
  • Clothes lines are not permitted. However, a clothes rack attached to your RV is permitted.
  • You may not attach anything to park property (e.g. clotheslines or dog leashes.)
  • You are not permitted to have tarps on your RVs, covering items on the picnic tables, or covering items on campsite.
  • You must store your personal items (e.g. toys and tools) on your campsite, every night.
  • For the safety of our visitors’ and staff, we must be able to see under your RV to detect leaks or other issues. As such, storage is not permitted under your RV.
  • We will allow “easy-ups”, or similar tents, to provide a shady rest area. However, they are not to be used for storage or overnight occupancy. Moreover, we do not allow improvised or homemade shade tents, wind breaks, or easy-ups.
  • You are not permitted to modify your campsites—including permanent modifications to the park’s infrastructure.
  • You may have propane campfires at your campsite only. We do not allow fire pits or wood burning of any kind at the campsites.
  • You are allowed to have exterior lights (including light strings). However, the hours of acceptable use for exterior lights are the same as Quiet Time hours—off between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:30 am.
  • You are not permitted to have signs, placed on, or affixed to the campsite, advocating for a particular cause or promoting/ disparaging a particular political or religious agenda. However, political and religious signs displayed in or on the guest’s personal vehicle or RV are permitted.

Duration of Stay

Annual Lease: the Annual lease will be for 1 year renewable terms. Visitors must demonstrate once per year, or upon request of the Chief Administrative Officer, that they can personally move their RV—meaning that the visitors have the physical and mental capability, as well as the necessary equipment and vehicles, to operate their RV. 

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Rental: visitors may renew at the monthly, weekly, or daily rate for no longer than 8 consecutive months. After 8 consecutive months, the visitors must leave the park for at least 4 months.

Adult Supervision Policy

The safety of our guests and staff has always been a top priority at Escapees RV Parks. As part of that commitment, we have an Adult Supervision Policy.

Under this policy, all guests ages 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. Guests ages 15 years old or younger who are found unaccompanied by a parent/legal guardian may be asked to leave the campground without a refund. This policy applies to all registered guests and visitors.

Notice to Parents & Guardians

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the behavior and safety of their minor children. Appropriate behavior and supervision are the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian and is always expected. Minor children must adhere to all park rules and policies. In addition to our supervision policy, we strongly recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult. Escapees RV Parks does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors. Parents/legal guardians may be held legally liable for all acts of the children under their care.

*A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority and corresponding duty to care for the personal and property interests of another person. An older sibling, older friend, or friend of the family does not automatically count as a legal guardian. A legal guardian is someone who would be held legally responsible for you by a court of law.

Escapees RV Parks reserves the right to revise or modify our Code of Conduct and Policies with or without notice.