Escapees RV Parks, Inc. Pet Policy

Pets in Rainbow Parks

Leash Required
To protect members, guests and pets, we require that all animals (cats included) be leashed or under the owner’s physical control at all times when outside their rig. It is not sufficient to have animals carry or drag their leash. Restraint leashes must be strong enough to separate the animals in a fight. Pets tethered outside cannot be left unattended and may only be tied to the owner’s rig. The tether must be short enough to prevent the pet from leaving the boundaries of the renter’s site. Permanent residents who live on private lots must have their pets on a leash when on your park’s property. Electronic leashes are not acceptable substitutes for physical restraints.

Noise & Uncontrolled Pets
Dogs must not incessantly bark and disturb neighbors, whether inside or outside their rig. Parrots, macaws, cockatoos, and other
pet birds must comply with the same noise restrictions as dogs.  Owners of uncontrolled, aggressive, or repeatedly noisy pets may be asked to leave the park for the safety and tranquility of the membership and the other visitors.

Livestock & Domestic Fowl
Livestock and domestic fowl are not allowed as pets in the park system. This specifically includes pot-bellied pigs, pigmy goats, ducks, geese, chickens, etc. Wild ducks and geese are not to be fed by visitors.

We ask that all pets be current on core vaccinations. 

COVID- 19 has affected park and reservation policies. Click here to learn more.