Park facilities and activities have resumed under standard operating procedures.
Thank you for helping us keep our community and staff safe. Enjoy your stay and welcome home!

Compliance with Regulations

Activity coordinators and organizers must follow local and state policies for maximum gathering sizes at one time, including hosts, volunteers, and service providers. CDC and local and state guidelines should form the basis of minimum standards. Where our policies fall below the local and state guidelines, those local and state policies should be used in place of our own.


Guests utilizing park facilities and or participating in park activities should complete the Escapees RV Parks Liability Waiver located at This waiver only needs to be completed once per duration of stay, by each household member, and will help with contact tracing should the event of a Covid-19 outbreak occur in connection with a recent activity and/or facility use.

All gatherings at Escapees RV Parks must be limited to no more than 50 people, including the organizer/s. Children are included in this number. Participants are to be limited to Escapees members currently occupying an RV site in the campground section or residing on a deed lot. For gatherings with more than 50 participants, contact Chief Administrative Officer Cindy Neilsen at

Facility Hours and Usage

Daily activity schedule and hours of operations are to return to standard operation procedures and are to be open to campground guests and active club members.

Park Offices

Monday – Sunday


Restrooms and Laundry

Monday – Sunday


Activity Centers & Clubhouses
















Monday – Sunday


season and pool operations permitting

Closures Due to Increased Risk

The Escapees RV Parks administrative team may need to modify policies and the use of park facilities if the area is experiencing more than a “minimal” level of community transmission of COVID-19. The CDC defines the “none to minimal” level as “evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, case investigations underway, no evidence of exposure in large communal setting, e.g., healthcare facility, school, mass gathering.” If there is a higher level of community transmission in the area—what the CDC defines as “widespread and/or sustained transmission with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings with potential for rapid increase in suspected cases then all park facilities will be closed and park activities will be suspended.

Reports of a positive Covid-19 case located within the park should be communicated immediately with the Chief Administrative Officer, Cindy Neilsen at  The situation and possible community transmission of Covid-19 may result in the closure of all park facilities and the suspension of all activities.

Closures Due to Policy Violations

The failure, and/or refusal, to comply with all health and safety precautions implemented by Escapees RV Parks and staff may result in the immediate closure of park facilities and the suspension of all park related activities. These precautions include, but are not limited to:

  • maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance from others
  • periodically washing hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds
  • wearing a mask securely over nose and mouth at all times indoors, and at other functions when requested by park staff
  • adhering to state and local guidelines and regulations related to attending gatherings

Policy violations should be reported to

Procedures for Guests

Self- Check, Masks and Social Distancing

  • Before guests visit the park facilities or gatherings, we ask that they self-screen for new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19.
  • We recommend maintaining 6 feet distance from other guests and staff; periodically washing hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • We recommend (but do not require) that guests wear a mask or face covering when utilizing indoors spaces.
  • Too many people in a small space.
  • Close proximity to others not in their household.
  • 6 feet physical distancing not being observed.
  • Fewer attendees.
  • Households staying together and maintaining 6 feet distancing from others.
  • Guests wearing masks when 6 feet distancing is not consistent.

General Precautions

Handshakes, high-fives, hugs, and all other forms of physical contact between Participants and others are strongly discouraged.

Staff and Organizers must wear a mask and new disposable gloves when distributing items that will be touched by Participants. Hosts should use caution not to touch any part of their body or clothing while wearing gloves.

Organizers should remind all guests to sanitize their hands as soon as they arrive at any group activity. Escapees will provide bottles of hand sanitizer and the activity organizer should ensure that sanitizer is available at each group activity.

Avoid situations in which Participants must stand in line. If a queue is necessary, remind Participants to maintain at least 6 feet of spacing between them.

Precautions for Specific Types of Activities

Outdoor activities
  • Organizers should remind participants to maintain at least six feet of separation from others when outdoors.
  • Organizers should use special care when planning outdoor activities that will place Participants into close proximity with groups of non-participants. Whenever possible, the Organizer should arrange in advance to have an area of the facility dedicated to the activity. For example, if planning to dine on a restaurant’s open patio, it would be preferable to have a private section of the patio where all Participants can be together, rather than having tables of Participants interspersed with tables of other diners.
Indoor Activities
  • Indoor activities and gatherings—in or outside of the campground—are higher risk than outdoor spaces. Outdoor space should be utilized when possible.
  • All Participants are strongly recommended (but not required) to wear masks at all times when gathering indoors. Staff should post the laminated reminder signs provided by Escapees.

Shared Meals

  • Activities at which multiple Participants share the same food, such as potlucks, happy hour buffets or “throwdowns” (where multiple Participants sample the same dish), are not permitted except in the specific circumstances outlined below.
  • Participants may each bring their own food and/or beverages and dine together.
  • Park Staff prepared or professionally catered meals are permitted as long as:
    • all food and drink is served to guests by the caterer or by the smallest practical number of designated Participants who follow the procedures below (self-serve buffets are not permitted);
    • servers thoroughly wash their hands before serving and wear masks and disposable food service gloves while serving;
    • Escapees or the caterer provides hand sanitizer at the beginning of the serving line;
    • all food and drink is served in disposable plates, bowls, cups and flatware, with new plates, bowls and cups used for seconds;
    • six feet of spacing between Participants is observed in the serving queue and while seated; and

Entertainment, Talent Shows, and other Speaker Related Activities

  • Singing, talent shows, and other performance-type activities may create the risk of large volumes of droplets being projected by the performers over relatively long distances, as well as virus transmission on surfaces such as microphones. For this reason, these activities are permitted only under the following protocols:

    • Participants (other than those living or traveling together) may not share microphones.
    • microphones (including the microphone body and the screen over the audio pickup) must be sanitized with alcohol wipes or another approved disinfectant between performances by different Participants.
    •  Hosts should encourage outside performers to provide their own microphones, and to not allow any guests to use or handle one of the performers’ microphones.

Swap Tables and Flea/Craft Markets

  • Swap tables, flea markets, craft markets and similar activities are permitted. However, they should be held outdoors when possible and are subject to the following protocols:

    • all guests sanitize their hands immediately before “shopping” (so as not to transfer virus to any items they touch) and after (to protect themselves in case they touched a contaminated surface).
    • the organizer should remind all participants to “look with their eyes only” to minimize contacts with the items being exchanged, and reminder signs to this effect should be placed on all tables holding items.
    • use alcohol wipes or another approved disinfectant to wipe off tables and any hard-surfaced items after a participant touches them.
    • have the activity last for only a short period of time (an hour or two), rather than having swap tables out continuously where people can touch items repeatedly and randomly.